Other Specialized Training & Custom Programs

If you require a specific health and safety training program, the Safety Council will work with members to develop custom courses that are specifically designed to meet their needs. Custom courses may address specific concerns or may be used to satisfy OSHA requirements.

Many health, safety, and environmental regulations contain requirements for written documents, plans, or programs. These required written programs are one of the first things OSHA wants to see during an inspection, and a lack of a written program continues to be one of the most frequently cited violations.

The Greater Cleveland Safety Council has several options available to you to simplify the entire regulatory process. In addition to the programs we distribute for many well-known national environmental safety & health publishers, we offer programs developed locally, which are available in two formats. They are available customized for your facility, which includes a survey of your operation, customization of the written program, and a management orientation session upon delivery. We also offer them as generic, fill-in-the-blank programs, with complete instructions for you to make them site-specific to your operation.

Many of these programs also include training programs or additional guidance for employee training, where required. These programs have been utilized by many companies and deemed compliant by OSHA in actual enforcement situations.

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