Council Membership Benefits

Our members enjoy a number of exclusive benefits and a vast array of health and safety services that far offset the modest cost of membership:

  • Training, documentation, resources, and helpful tips on an ongoing basis that help you and/or your business improve or maintain health & safety measures. For more information about some of the materials we provide and some of the discounts we offer on materials, please click here.
  • Ability to participate in the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Safety Council Discount Incentive Program. This program only applies if you pay into the state fund for Workers' Compensation and you are not self-insured. Depending on the size of your Workers’ Comp. Premiums, you could receive a significant discount for successfully completing this program. Please call our office at (216) 621-0059 for specific questions about the program and how your organization may be able to benefit.
  • Ability to participate in the BWC’s Safety Campaign that recognizes employers that have achieved excellence in safety performance by reducing employee injuries and lost-time. Winners are recognized each year at the Safety Council’s Annual Occupational Safety & Hygiene Awards Banquet.
  • Access to special rates on Workers’ Compensation for those eligible to enroll in the Group Rating Program sponsored by our Safety Council and offered through Avizent (formerly known as The Frank Gates Company).
  • Exclusive discounts on monthly luncheon meetings with presentations on a wide variety of health and safety topics.
  • Exclusive discounts on custom health and safety training programs conducted at your facility or at the Safety Council's classroom. Members may use the classroom for these custom programs at no additional charge.
  • Specialized seminar programs that assist with the development of an in-house safety professional.
  • Opportunities to network with other safety and health professionals.
  • Opportunities to partner with other organizations to promote special activities that help bolster health and safety within the community.