The Greater Cleveland Safety Council

Making the Greater Cleveland Area a Safer Place to Live & Work

The Greater Cleveland Safety Council (GCSC) is a community-based organization that promotes safety and prevents injury in the workplace, at home, in schools, and on the highways. Whether at work or play, our safety council works hard to make the Greater Cleveland Area a safer place to live & work.

We help educate in matters of public safety and hygiene, support the efforts of public agencies that promote health & safety, provide members and others who seek assistance with health & safety training, and work within the community to sponsor and endorse activities that promote safety.

Real Results - Real Savings

The Greater Cleveland Safety Council endorses CareWorks Comp because they help employers maximize their premium savings. CareWorks Comp analyzes each employer’s unique claim and premium history to find the highest level of savings in all available workers’ compensation programs.

Why CareWorks Comp


 CareWorks Comp saves employers millions of dollars each year, becoming a lasting partner and providing a comprehensive cost management approach.

They are committed to understanding our members’ challenges and to delivering claims excellence and providing quality, sound decision making and consistency.

CareWorks Comp helps employers determine the best rating or discount program available, whether it’s group rating, BWC deductible, 100% EM Cap or any other BWC program available, helping you identify, evaluate and reduce your business risks to achieve premium discounts and refunds.


 For a no-cost, no-obligation analysis of your potential savings, please complete our online “ Temporary Authorization to Review Information Form” at: groupratingapplication/clevelandsafety

Member Programs

GROUP RATING • Nearly 100,000 Ohio employers are currently participating in group rating • CareWorks Comp is the only group rating program endorsed by the Greater Cleveland Safety Council • On average, for every dollar spent on fees, clients saved $11.00 in premium, a 1000% return on investment

GROUP RETROSPECTIVE RATING • Rebates are based on the results of employer’s workplace safety and cost control efforts • CareWorks Comp has created two tiers with different projected savings levels for each industry group • CareWorks Comp group retrospective programs have returned $335 million in premium refunds

UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION • CareWorks Comp’s comprehensive unemployment compensation program delivers unique, customized solutions to help employers reduce and control their unemployment taxes.


Contact us

Robert Nicoll, Program Manager

p.  800.837.3200, ext. 58595


Adult Remedial
Driving Classes

The Greater Cleveland Safety Council provides Remedial Driving Classes for adults (persons 18 years of age and older) that are approved and certified by the Ohio Department of Public Safety – Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Juvenile Driver Improvement Classes

The Greater Cleveland Safety Council provides a remedial driver training program for persons under the age of 18 years old. This class is approved and certified by the Ohio Department of Public Safety – Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Upcoming Events

Become a Member

The Greater Cleveland Safety Council is a non-profit organization that works hard to educate and support its members and member businesses. There are a number of benefits exclusive to GCSC Members. Take a look through our site to see all that membership has to offer. 

Classes & Training

The Greater Cleveland Safety Council offers a wide variety of classes & training programs. Businesses work with us to help promote health and safety in the workplace. Individuals work with us to promote personal health and safety. No matter what your needs are, we have a solution. 

Our Commitment

Our Board and Staff are committed to promoting safety throughout the Greater Cleveland Area. Since 1917, our organization has helped Northeast Ohio Business and Residents avoid accidents and injury, take sound safety precautions, and maintain personal health.

Please explore our site to learn more about the benefits of joining our association, the training programs we offer, and some helpful resources.

GCSC is a charter member of the American Association of Safety Councils, an international organization comprised of Safety Councils from across the United States and Canada that works toward educating, communicating, and promoting health & safety measures.